About me

I am an Italian traveller who spent most of her life on the road.

When I was a kid I would dream of visiting each and every single country on the planet, to dive deep into those mysterious territories, habits, foods and costumes that seemed so far away from me.

Several years after, I started to gather the courage to embark in this adventure that still seems so unachievable. With the help of my parents and friends I have travelled and lived abroad for several years and have started to experience what it really means to find myself in a completely different world. A world where nothing works just as you expect it. A world in which a little step often means a giant discovery of something surprisingly exciting but at times scary.

I lost myself in this surreal reality of meaningful contacts with people from different backgrounds and cultural values. I tried to absorbe as much as I could from all the experiences I was luckily granted but I realized it was never enough. The big reveal came in the moment I realized I would be leaving for China.

After visiting Europe and parts of America, China came to me as an extreme choice of life. Asia has always been for me this fascinating but also foreign continent which I never before dared to set foot on. To start this adventure in the red land meant for me to radically step out of my confort zone. To explore a new world which has always been portrayed in my mind as this mysterous and secret reality I would never be able to grasp unless directly confronted with it.

I therefore decided to try sharing my life with people like me. Souls who have a passion for discovering every day something new and might have also looked at China with reverential respect but never dared to come close to it. Young minds who want to listen to the voice of a writer who loves to share her thoughts with the world and only hopes, someday, to write something that will stick in someone’s mind.

If you feel like belonging to this cathegory of people, follow my story.

I will tell you all about my journey through the Red Mile.




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